Creation of Architectural 3D Animation.

Order architectural 3D visualization to show the strengths and merits of the property in a realistic way.

Sembi Production animation studio.

Facts about Sembi Production
You know the construction business well. We create professional architectural 3D animations. Let's join forces to create a video that will solve your business goals-no matter what they are
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Why are we appreciated?
  • Realistic and vivid images
    Really realistic graphics, we create physically correct lighting, detail trim materials, use real scanned plants.

    We create a live image, animate not only cars and people, but also birds, butterflies and etc.
  • Reasonable prices
    A huge base of realistic 3D models. Over the years we have collected our own database of selected 3D models, this primarily affects the timing of the creation of architectural animation. For example, just one model of the Land Cruiser 300 costs $300. In the estimate of your project will not have these costs, because all this is already in our database.
  • High-quality graphics in a short time
    Own render farm on RTX 3080 video cards. Realistic V- ray rendering makes very high demands on the capacity, for this reason, we have assembled our own render farm. During a day the farm is able to produce up to 60 seconds of highly detailed graphics.
  • Create animation, which is reviewed
    We create animation by all the rules of editing. Many studios engaged in computer graphics, often neglect the rules of editing, thinking that they apply only to video clips shot on camera. Neglecting the rules noticeably impairs the perception of the material. We are first of all the classics of video production. Your video will be edited according to all the rules of film production.
In this block we would like to show you some of our projects. You are not limited to the types of buildings that are presented here - our team is always ready for new and interesting projects.
Florence G-Park

Year of creation: 2021
software: 3ds Max
render: V-Ray
Ulus Residence

Year of creation: 2020
software: 3ds Max
render: V-Ray

Year of creation: 2021
software: Cinema 4D
render: Redshift

Year of creation: 2021
software: Cinema 4D
render: Redshift
Bi Residence

Year of creation: 2021
software: lumion
render: lumion

Year of creation: 2021
software: 3D max
render: Mental ray
Do you like it? Then it's time to talk about your properties. Talk about your project. Warm words from our favorite customers

Your Benefits

We save your time
Statistically, we spend 30% less client time than the industry average. Naturally, while maintaining a consistently high quality of service. We work remotely, the process of ordering and delivery of the project is online.
We save your budget
The absence of casual people and automated production processes reduces the cost of video production. We don't make video for video's sake. We will not offer you an unnecessary or expensive video. We will study your task and try to give you the most suitable video for a reasonable price.
We create Quality Content
Each step of animated video production is done by a highly focused specialist.
We have created 140 quality control points, so that no low-quality work does not even have a chance to get into rotation. We follow the trends in video production, Sembi specialists regularly improve their qualification.
We perform it in real time
All processes are fine-tuned, tried and tested, we don't give unrealistic deadlines.
We have created our own production cycle, use CRM, Yandex tracker and other systems, which greatly facilitated our work and distinguished us from our competitors. If we delay the deadline by even a day, we will compensate for all the costs associated with delay + fulfill our obligations.
3D animation for Developers
Architectural animation is the best way to show the strengths and merits of your project. Animation technology allows you to show the infrastructure, interior and exterior of the future object in detail and visualize the space. Clients and companies who discovered architectural animation and its charms become our regular customers. Visualize the interior and exterior of the project realistically and completely.

We perform the work in the shortest possible time.
3D graphics in the construction business
There are three components which are important for the result
  • Talented professionals
    Each of us knows his job well and adds new value to the video. Knowing how to use video technology properly is as important as owning it. That's why each of our videos is created by really talented professionals: a scriptwriter, a director, 2D and 3D designers and colorists. Link to employee diplomas and certificates.
  • Professional tools
    We are proficient in such programs as: Adobe After Effects - special effects, compositing.
    Cinema 4d - rendering, animation, modeling.
    Adobe Audition - sound engineering. Autodesk 3d max - rendering, animation, modeling.
    Adobe Premiere Pro - editing.
    RealFlow - fluid simulation.
    Houdini- simulations, animation, compositing.
    Davinci Resolve - color correction.
  • Modern equipment
    During the creation of your video the most modern equipment will be used. HP Workstation workstations for creating graphics and rendering
"D-U-N-S® Registered™ Trustmark
Sembi Studios has been accredited by Dun & Bradstreet (NYSE: DNB) to receive confirmation of our company's trustworthiness from a reputable international organization. By clicking on the electronic "badge of trust," you can obtain a statement about our company in the familiar Dun & Bradstreet format of global business. The "Sign of Trust" gives all counterparties the opportunity to verify that the information about us is correct. It is a confirmation of the studio's reputation as transparent and understandable.
What problems does Architectural 3D animation solve?
  • LC presentation
    Effective video presentation will show all the advantages of your LC
  • Promotion in social networks
    Post videos on social networks and increase sales with targeted video advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube.
  • Increase website conversion
    Nowadays people do not read text. Video is the best demonstration tool that will clearly show all the advantages of your building or constructions, increase confidence and interest of website visitors.
  • Commercial offers
    A video embedded in a sales letter will increase the likelihood of a successful deal
  • Personal meetings/sales
    Video will be a faithful assistant at important meetings and negotiations
  • TV and street screen ads
    Video ads will help get your message out to your target audience through TV and street screens.
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Leave your information and we'll call you back and advise you on our services.
+7 (777) 000 35 00

Astana, Syganak str, 29, BC "Eurocenter", 14th floor, office 1407

By clicking the button, you consent to the processing of personal data and agree to the privacy policy.